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U3A Armidale was established in 1992. It is part of a worldwide movement which was founded in France in 1972. The first Australian U3A was formed in Melbourne in 1984. There are now about 300 U3As in Australia, with about 100,000 members.


The 2024 yearly membership fee is $75.  
Existing Members Members can login and then edit their contact details, pay membership fees and enrol in courses.
A manual of how to use the Member Login can be downloaded or printed here if required.
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New Members  People wishing to join U3AA can do so by following the link below.
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Tutors Tutors can access the Tutor's Portal link below.
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Courses and Activities

The U3AA courses run in two semesters.
2024 Semester 1 Course Booklet
Details of Course Classes Select a day below for classes on a particular day, or select All Days for a list of all classes.
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For those courses/activities that have the comment Office Only, this means that the Leader wishes to check that new participants are appropriate for their course/activity and that enrolment is only available via the U3AA office, not online. Please contact the Leader in the first instance.
All courses/activities have their own waiting list (in date order of enrolment) and Leaders invite members to join as vacancies become available.

2024 Tuesday Talks

  • 6 February

  • Jill Spilsbury  My life and UNE

  • 13 February

  • Internet talk  Easter Island

  • 20 February

  • Gordon Cope  The Mondragon cooperatives
    and why they are so important.

  • 5 March

  • Kath Bleechmore The role of Adult Education in my life

  • 12 March

  • Internet talk 

  • 19 March

  • Betty Stroud  Transforming your travel stories into a book

  • 2 April

  • Peter Chambers Legends of Broken Hill

  • 9 April

  • Internet talk 

  • 16 April

  • 7 May

  • 14 May

  • Internet talk 

  • 21 May

  • Rhonda Hall Armidale Service Centre

  • 4 June 

  • 11 June

  • 18 June

  • John Wearne Charlie Chaplin and the Kid


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